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lawn treatments


Lawn Treatments

A key component of maintaining turf grass is a proper treatment plan. Broadleaf weeds, fungus, crabgrass, and grubs are all enemies of the Central Illinois homeowner, and ones that we can help control. 

broadlead control, weeds, fungus, crabgrass control

Weed control

  • broadleaf

  • fungus

  • crabgrass

  • grubs

  • and more

Our Specialty

We feel that it is very important for the party that carries out the mowing services to also apply the necessary treatments to the turf. Providing 'in house’ lawn treatments allows us to schedule the applications on days that will not compete with the mowing schedule.

Our Treatment Plans

  • 3-7 treatments/year

  • ability to treat large areas of turf

  • ability to treat small, confined areas

  • use of proper equipment + talent

We take pride in our employees being licensed for commercial applications and operations 

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